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Published: 09th February 2012
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From the spunky teenager with dreadlocks playing the guitar on a bright sunny day, to the curly blonde haired girl walking on the beach, women around the world are best known for their glut of different hair-dos. Hair plays a vital role in expressing who women truly are with the style they exhibit as an accessory that compliments their particular look. Hair signifies a whole lot of things such as health, vitality, strength, and status. Since generations women are taught to take pride in their crowning glory and this has made them take matters in their own hands by proving to the world that beauty in hair does come in an unstinted variety¬.
A reputed Hairstyling Academy can provide learners with opportunities who intend to test their creative side in this beauty business. One can easily turn into a hair stylist with sufficient training and experience from The Vision Beauty Academy as it has the knack to gauge the needs and requirements of different hair styles in the industry. Just imagine learning all the explicit hair styles once seen in a Hollywood flick or a much talked about drama series. Wouldn’t that be an awesome thing to learn with minute details taken into consideration? Of course, any day!
Getting into a good Hairstyling Academy can make students flourish in hair care techniques and different hairstyles that belong to different cultures around the globe. Who wouldn’t want to sport a new hair-do every single day that would make eyes pop out? To get into all the fundamentals of various hair styles, it is wise to enroll in a Hairstyling Academy that would train individuals who thrive to make a niche for themselves in this every growing field. The Vision Beauty Academy has hairstyling courses that include cutting, re-bonding, trimming, shaping, styling, coloring and the art of hair dressing in a three phase program, Freshman, Junior and Senior.
The Freshman phase has students learning all the basics of hairstyling that lets them confidently begin work on guests. The instructors give extraordinary attention to learners that help them merge professional proficiency with self development. The junior year, emphasizes on the skills learnt in the first year. It also trains students on the value of time management, successful communication and retailing. The third and final year takes potential hairstylists through advanced hairdressing and chemical work. Last months in the Hairstyling Academy, learners spend time in full swing preparing for a future career in the hair styling business.
The curriculum in hair styling is far-fetched and teaches state-of-the-art style and techniques one can master. The sole purpose of a unique Hairstyling Academy must be to make students learn marketing skills via an educational environment that features quality classroom instructions and practical understanding in the stream of hairstyling. This is what The Vision Beauty Academy precisely does as in this way, students automatically learn how to prosper in the game of life since it conditions them to develop not only the technical skills of hair styling but also the non-technical skills of life such as attitude, perseverance, and enthusiasm.
Being a part of a respectable Hairstyling Academy can do wonders to a person’s career graph. Students get an internship which gives them an incredible opportunity to work with one of the leading hairstylists in the business. Internship if taken seriously can set good standard work ethics in all aspects i.e. not only in the technical department but other PR skills with clients, co-workers as well as subordinates. The duration of the courses offered in this Hairstyling Academy takes thirty six weeks i.e. eight and a half months for full time or fifty four weeks that sums up to fourteen months on evenings.
Working students need not worry about losing out on being a part of The Vision Beauty Academy. They have special weekend classes for students who cannot make it through the week for genuine reasons. Learning any technique including the specifications of hairstyling takes time and is achieved by practice and practice only. Learners may get familiar and complacent with internal hairstyling techniques when they are given a chance to sharpen their haircutting skills on mannequins as well as on live models. A true and thorough professional never stops learning and is hungry for more. When it comes to hair styling, students will get to learn composing lines, direction, shapes, back combing, braiding with pinning and classics. Hair cutting would include basic cutting skills, layering, texturing and graduation.
This one of a kind Hairstyling Academy hones beginners into a different zone of hues to stimulate their imagination and enhance every aspect of their hairstyling career. So get out of that slumber now and register in The Vision Beauty Academy hairstyling school and see yourself evolving as one of the best hairstylist the industry has ever produced.

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